Bunny Hop Bracelet Project

Bunny Hop Bracelet Project

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Click here for loomwork pattern (.gif)

1) Pull a length of cord as long as your arm-span and treat the cord with the Thread Heaven about three times. Thread on the needle and begin to do your beadwork. Thread on one white seed bead, leaving about a 6" tail, and then take the cord around and back through the seed bead again. This will create the "stop bead" that you will need to keep from all the other beads sliding off as you thread them on. The link to the pattern above gives you the pattern for the first set of rainbow bunnies. It helps alot to sometimes print off the pattern so that you have it right next to you as you work. You'll get the hang of the pattern before you know it - just keep the color pattern for each bunny correct. If you have any questions about how to do an odd-count peyote stitch, please refer to the video link above (click on odd-count peyote stich under techniques) Even if you haven't done this stich in a while, it doesn't hurt to do a bit of a refresher.

2) Make sure to keep your cord conditioned while you're working with it. When you begin to notice that the cording is beginning to twist or create friction, then it's time to run it through the thread heaven about three or so times again. When you have about 4"-5" of cord left, take the needle off and pull another length of cord as long as your arm-span and condition with the thread heaven as you've been doing. Make an overhand knot with the new thread right at the base of the old thread. Now take the tails of both the new and old cord and do an overhand knot, being careful not to left the first overhand knot from it's resting spot at the base of the old thread. Put the smallest drop of Zap a Gap glue on the knot and allow to cure for a couple of minutes. It's always a bit easier to attach new cord to your beadwork on the edge of the beading instead of attaching new cord right in the middle of your beadwork.

3) Afer you have the bracelet as long as you need it to be, make sure you have at least 6" of cording to attach one half of the Toggle Clasp to this end of the bracelet. To do this, bring the needle around and snake it through the beadwork so that you come out of the middle of the last row (there may be a space, or there may be a seed bead right in the middle depending - either of these are perfectly fine) If you have a seed bead that is in the middle, go through it and thread on five white seed beads onto the cord, followed by the circle half of the Toggle Clasp. Thread on another five white seed beads and then go through that middle seed bead on the last row to complete the circle. Re-enforce this loop by snaking your cord through some of the beadwork so that you wind up right back at the point where you will go through the middle seed bead again. Go through the first five white seed beads, the toggle clasp and the second five seed beads again. Go through that middle seed bead one last time and then snake the rest of the cording throughout the bracelet so that you exit the end seed bead on one side of the bracelet. Burn off the excess cord tail with your Thread Burner. (If you have don't have a seed bead occupying that middle spot in the last row, but instead have a space - don't worry - just thread six white seed beads on before attaching the toggle clasp, and then five seed beads after. Now go through the first seed bead of the six that you threaded on, snake through your beadwork and then come back to that first seed bead and re-enforce the loop like above)

4) Go to the other end of the bracelet and repeat step #3 again to attach the other half of the Toggle Clasp. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Nymo Nylon Thread White Size D (BC900)
1 Bead Needles 4pc Hvy #10 (BN110)
1 Leaf Toggle Clasp 18mm Pewter Antique Gold Plated (CL1093)
1 Tube of Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Transparent Canary Yellow AB (DB0053)
1 Tube of Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Transparent Light Brown (DB0061)
1 Tube of Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Color Lined Powder Blue (DB0078)
1 Tube of Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Ceylon White (DB0231)
1 Tube of Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Ceylon Watermelon Pink (DB0236)
1 Tube of Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Galvanized Spearmint (DB0426)
1 Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner (TH100)
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