Bones Earring Project

Bones Earring Project

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  1. Open the loop on each of the eyepins. Attach one of the skeleton charms to each of the loops and then close the loops securely. Then, take both of the connectors and thread an eyepin up through each of the holes on the connectors. Make a wrapped loop with the remaining eyepin wires. Open the loop at the base of each of the ear wires and attach a wrapped loop to each of the earwires. Close the loop at the base of the earwire securely.
  2. Cut off at least a 22" length of wire from the spool and wrap the very end of the wire around the connector up by the wrapped loop three times to secure it. Bring the wire around to the front of the connector and thread on a seed bead. Wrap the wire two times around the connector and then thread on another seed bead. You can choose to stagger your seed beads as in the picture above, or have them line up along the connector -- whatever looks best to you.
  3. Continue to wrap around the connector until you have wrapped all the way to the other side of the connector. Wrap the wire around the connector three times to finish you wrapping, then cut the wire off. Use you Chain Nose pliers to press the wire tails into the wrapping if they are sticking out.
  4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 again to create the other earring. Done!
Quantity of Items Needed
  • 2 Hammered Connector - Hammered Ring 25mm Pewter Bright Rhodium Plated (LK051)
  • 2 Silver Plated 21ga 1.5" Eye Pin (EP113)
  • 2 Pewter Silver Plated 21x15mm Skeleton Charm (CM1005)
  • 2 Silver Plated 20mm Shepherds Hook Earwire (EW020)
  • 1 Bag of 8/0 Black Czech Seed Beads (EB8298)
  • 1 Spool 24ga Non-tarnish Silver Wire (NT224) OR 1 Spool 26ga Non-tarnish Silver Wire (NT226)
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