Blue Loop Earrings

Blue Loop Earrings

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1) With two HP105, thread on one AC3244 and one BD205. Cut off all but 1/4" of the remaining wire, with PL495, on each and make a loop for both, using PL491. Attach one each to the outermost loops on ER1080.

2) Take two more HP105 and thread on one AC3244, a BD205, and a AC3270 for each. Cut off all but 1/4" of remaining wire and make a loop for each. Attach one each to the second most outer loops on ER1080.

3) With two more HP105s, thread on one AC3270, a BD205, a AC3244 and another BD205. Leaving 1/4" to make a loop for each head pin, cut off remaining wire with PL495. Attach these to either of the two loops adjacent to the middle loop.

4) Take on EP025 and thread on one BD205, a AC3244, another BD205, and one AC3270. Make a loop with the remaining wire and attach to the middle loop. Slightly open the loop at the opposite end with PL491 and attach one of the DA223.

To Finish.
5) Repeat all steps to create other earring.
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