Bead Trapeze Earrings Project

Bead Trapeze Earrings Project

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Quantity of Items Needed
2 Red with Tan Stripes Lampwork Beads (GB1041)
2 Antique Brass Lever Back Earrings (EW030)
6-1/2" Antique Brass Chain (CN811)
2 Antique Brass Plated 1.5" 21ga Eye Pin (EP116)
4 Antique Brass Corrugated Bead Caps (BC1034)
11/0 Delica Seed Beads - color doesn't matter


1) Cut the 6-1/2" length of chain into two 3-1/4" lengths (make sure that the number of links in the chain length are odd *there are 25 links in each length in the above picture* - this will come into play later).

2) Pick up an Eye Pin and thread on a bead cap followed by about thirteen 11/0 Delica seed beads. Thread a lampwork bead on the eye pin and slip it over the seed beads on the eye pin. If any seed beads are still exposed after saddling the lampwork bead next to the bead cap, remove them. Thread on another bead cap and make a simple loop with the remaining wire.

3) Find the middle link in your chain lengths and attach the lever back earring to this link. Open the loop on one side of the eye pin and thread on the end of the chain before closing the loop. Attach the other end of the chain to the other loop on the other side of the eye pin.

4) Repeat all steps to create the other earring. Done!
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