Baule Brass Bead 15x13mm (1-Pc)

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The Baule people created a series of kingdoms and city-states that progressively occupied the entire forest region all the way to the Gulf of Guinea. During the eighteenth century, the Queen sacrificed her own son in order to cross a river. This sacrifice was the origin of the name Baule; for "baouli" means "the child has died." These are hand-made brass beads from the Ivory Coast. A repeating feature throughout Baule Beads is the regular parallel grooves that run throughout each of the beads. Historically, these beads have been used as weights to measure gold.

Bead Size: 15mm x 15mm
Hole size: 2.0mm
Color: Brass
Material: Brass
Shape: Free form with Tube
Country of Origin: Africa
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