A Necklace for All Seasons

A Necklace for All Seasons

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1) Take the 35" length of suede cord and thread on one Jump Ring. Make a quick overhand knot (remember which way you make your overhand knot too, you'll want to make each of your knots for this project the same way so that the necklace hangs right), tighting and adjusting the knot until you have a nice tight knot at the end of the cording with the Jump Ring securely held in place. Trim off the cording tail so that about an 1" remains.

2)Measure about 2½" down the cording and place another overhand knot here. From here, measure only 1½" down and put another knot into the cording. Put nine more overhand knots into the cord after this, each 1½" inches from the last. When all of your knots are in place. Measure down the cording 2½" down the cord and thread on another Jump Ring. Make another overhand knot, pulling and adjusting the cord until there's a nice tight knot at the end, with the Jump Ring held securely in place. Trim off the remaining cording so that there's only a 1" tail remaining.

3) Thread one Freshwater Rice Pearl onto each of the 24ga Headpins and make a Simple Loop with each. (The size of your simple loop is up to you, don't go too small, or you won't be able to attach the loop later) Fit both the Crystal Quartz and Light Sapphire Czech Glass beads onto the 22ga Headpins, and make Simple Loops with all of these as well.

4) Open all of the remaining Jump Rings and with one in the jaws of your Chain Nose pliers, fit it through the first knot on your necklace (not the knots at the end of the necklace, those already have jump ring attached) Where you decide to thread your Jump Ring through is "designer's choice", just make sure that all of your Jump Rings go through the same spot on each of these knots. (now do you see why it's so important to have all of the knots face the same way?) When the Jump Ring is through the knot, thread on one Light Sapphire Czech bead, one Crystal Quartz bead and one Freshwater Pearl. Close the Jump Ring.

5) Attach all remaining open Jump Rings the same way that you did in step #4.

To Finish.

6) Now that all of your beads (and Jump Rings) are attached, focus your attention back to the ends of the necklace. One side at a time, open the end Jump Ring and slide on one half of the Hook and Eye clasp. Make sure that your Jump Rings are all closed securely, and this is ready to wear!
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