Charming Necklace

Charming Necklace

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This project uses TierraCast charms mounted with Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs, or Rivoli Crystal Charms, or choose your own blank mountings to create your own unique color combinations.

Quantity of Items Needed
  • 30" length 2.4mm Ball Chain
  • Assorted 11.6mm TierraCast Charms
  • Assorted 12mm Rivoli Crystal Charms
  • Bail (Optional)
  • 6mm Jump Rings or Split Rings
Tools Needed
  • Chain Nose or Split Ring Pliers
  • Side Cutters

Let's Begin

  1. Use your Side Cutters and cut your Ball Chain to the desired length.
  2. Use a Bail and Jump Ring to attach your Rivoli Charm to the chain.
  3. Create a personal touch by attaching charms to yout ball chain.
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