Holiday Celebration Bracelet

Holiday Celebration Bracelet

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Created by By Linda Hartung, Swarovski® Authorized Instructor, the Holiday Celebration Bracelet uses Pearlescent White Pearls, combined with holiday BeCharmed beads, to create a fun and festive Christmas themed bracelet.

Here's the perfect bracelet to wear for all your holiday celebrations. Create this stunning bracelet with crystals from Swarovski® wrapped in luxurious WireLuxe knitted wire. Fast and fabulous - make one for yourself and one as a special gift – all in less than an hour!

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Let's Begin

  1. Remove WireLuxe from package. Hold both ends and firmly pull to remove all slack, stretching to 10 inches or longer if possible. The longer the WireLuxe the more pearls will fit on the bracelet. Set WireLuxe aside.
  2. Using a heavy gauge wire cutters, cut a double loop of 2- ¼" diameter memory wire.
  3. With round nose pliers roll one end of the wire into a double loop slightly smaller than the convex area on the bead aligner cap.
  4. Slide on a bead aligner cap and Christmas Bead (bead aligner plug goes into bead hole).
  5. String on 39, 6mm Crystal Pearls then bend over end about ¼ inch to keep pearls from sliding off.
  6. Move the bead aligner and Christmas Bead to the double-looped end to get it out of the way. Slide all the pearls to other end so they are firmly together against the end and there are no gaps between the pearls.
  7. Center the striated area of the WireLuxe over the pearls. Allow for ¼ inch of WireLuxe BEFORE the first pearl and fold the WireLuxe down around the pearls so the edges meet evenly together.
  8. While keeping the pearls pushed tight against the wire end, squeeze the WireLuxe edges together so the pearls pop through the striated center of the WireLuxe.
  9. Continue to squeeze all the pearls through the WireLuxe while moving towards the wire end making sure there are no gaps between the pearls. If you get a gap, stop and push the pearls together so they are tight against the end. Stop when you have only ¼ inch of WireLuxe (like the beginning).
  10. If there are any pearls beyond the ¼ inch end of the WireLuxe, trim off the wire end, remove the pearls and re-bend the end to keep the pearls from sliding off.
  11. Take the beginning ¼ inch of WireLuxe (before the 1st pearl) overlap and squeeze down the WireLuxe, forming and shaping it into a cone shape so that the ends will tuck into the bead hole. Repeat on other end.
  12. Clip off the bent end, slide on the Noel Bead and bead aligner (plug facing into the bead).
  13. Slide the entire bracelet to the double-loop and confirm the WireLuxe ends are completely tucked into the bead holes. Trim wire leaving about two inches.
  14. Pull firmly on the 2-inch wire end to tighten everything against the double-looped end then bend the wire over at the base of the bead aligner to hold everything tight.
  15. With a round nose plier take the 2 inch wire end and wrap it around the pliers so the first loop is about ¼ inch from the bead aligner. Continue to rotate the pliers creating a double loop (like on the other side) tightening and removing all slack from the entire bracelet. You should end up with a double loop tucked firmly into the bead aligner cap. If both bead aligners do not fit tight into the BeCharmed beads continue to rotate the loop creating a third loop. Trim off excess and/or third loop.
  16. Slide the Pave Ring over the smaller Noel Bead and all the way to the Christmas Bead. Hold the Noel bead at a slight angle against the soft WireLuxe edge and push/maneuver it through the Ring Bead until it pops through.
    • NOTE: If you change the design and use two large BeCharmed Beads you’ll need to connect ends through the Pave Ring before adding the second BeCharmed bead.
  17. Using a 5mm jump ring attach the Cross Tribe Bead to the Noel Bead loop end.
  18. Using a 5mm jump ring attach the charm to the Christmas Bead loop end.
  19. Slide the Teardrop Bead onto the headpin, form a loop on top, cut off excess, and attach to the Christmas Bead loop end.
  20. Check that the WireLuxe is fully tucked between the pearls and the edges meet evenly together, if not, simply squeeze the WireLuxe between the pearls and pull the WireLuxe edges until even using your fingers or a chain nose pliers.
  21. Attach the nozzle to the E6000 glue. Insert the nozzle tip between the WireLuxe edges and squeeze a line of glue the entire length. You may find it easier to do this in stages. Pinch (or gently clip) the WireLuxe edges firmly together and let the glue dry. Wipe off any excess glue that seeps out before it dries.
    • HELPFUL TIP: To keep the glue nozzle from clogging and oozing out, moisten a wedge-shaped make-up sponge with isopropyl alcohol and insert the nozzle tip into the wedge while you are working on the bracelet. Put the permanent glue cap back on to store.
  22. To slide on the bracelet, expand the ends so the BeCharmed Beads are next to the Pave Ring. Slide the bracelet over your hand as you would a bangle. Once on, squeeze the sides of the bracelet to tighten causing the BeCharmed Beads to move away from the Pave Ring. Reverse to remove.
Very Christmasy!
I’m always looking for new jewelry projects, and this one specifically caught my eye. I was looking for a Christmas bracelet I could make, and this one hit the mark perfectly! It turned out beautiful and I’m very glad I decided to make it. Would recommend to anyone!
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