Under the Sea Necklace

Under the Sea Necklace

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Go 'under the sea' with Swarovski's Sea Snail and Radiolarian crystal elements. The necklace we will be making today use the Crystal Bermuda Blue color, but you can choose any color you wish.

Quantity of Items Needed
  • 100 pcs Swarovski 5328 4mm Bicone Beads
  • 4 pcs Swarovski 6730 18mm Radiolarian Pendant
  • 1 pc Swarovski 6731 28mm Sea Snail Pendant
  • 1 10mm Jump Ring
  • 24" Black Leather Cord
  • 1 1/2" Toggle Clasp
  • 2 2mm Crimps
  • 2 3mm Crimp Covers
  • 20" Beading Wire

Let's Begin

  1. Attach one 10mm jump ring through the bead hole on the Sea Snail pendant.
  2. Cut the leather into two equal pieces fold both pieces in half and insert the loops into the cut-out hole on article 6731. Pull the tails through the loops (keeping loops even and together) and pull taut.
  3. Decide where to place each Radiolarian pendant on the four pieces on leather. Indicate the spot by marking the leather.
  4. Slip on 1 Radiolarian pendant onto the first leather dangle. Slide it past the knot indicator. Create an overhand knot. Repeat for the other three pendants. Optional: you may choose to trim the tails at this point. Note: if the leather is from a small spool, it will curl on itself. With time the leather will relax.
  5. Using the beading wire, crimp on one side of the toggle clasp and attach the crimp bead cover. String onto the beading wire enough 4mm Bicone Beads for your desired length. Next, slip the beaded wire through the jump ring from step 1. Crimp the second side of the toggle clasp and attach the crimp cover.
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