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Swarovski has ceased sale of all retail Jewelry Making Crystals and Components, as part of Swarovski's new corporate strategy and exit from the industry.

All Swarovski sales are final and sold while supplies last. Buy now before Swarovski Crystals are gone forever!

As Swarovski exits the industry, we are excited to introduce Preciosa Crystals!

Preciosa Crystals, tracing their history back to 1376 AD, were originally designed for nobility and are renowned for their elegance and beauty.

Preciosa has become the symbol of quality throughout the world - we think you're really going to love these! Click Here to Shop Preciosa Crystal Bicone Beads

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Find the exact size Bicone Bead you need here. These beads are made with a lead-free formula in a precision manufacturing process that is free from defects. This means you will work quicker and easier with Swarovski Bicone Beads eliminiating prep time sorting through beads.