Spring Spiral

Spring Spiral

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  1. Pull about 4 arms length worth of Fireline from the spool and thread the needle onto one end. Pull the needle to the center of the cord and wrap both lengths of cord around your finger just past the needle. Open the thread heaven and pull the cording (starting just past the loop on your finger) about 4 - 5 times, or until the cording feels a bit firm, and a bit tacky.
  2. Thread on four Seed beads, a 3mm Silver Round Bead, a Czech Montana AB bead, and another 3mm Silver Round Bead. Go around with your needle and go back through just the four Seed Beads. One side of your loop has the Seed Beads, the other has the two Silver Round Beads, and the Czech Montana AB bead in the center. Leave about a 6-7" tail.
  3. Pick up one Seed Bead, a 3mm Silver Round Bead, a Czech Montana AB bead, and another 3mm Silver Round bead. Go through THREE of the seed beads already strung and through the one Seed Bead that you just threaded on. Cinch the beads up and you'll start to see the hint of a spiral.
  4. Repeat step #3 over and again until you have the desired length. This project will stop at about 15½" without the clasp, but feel free to continue on, this stitch does become addictive after awhile :)
  5. When you run out of thread (stop at about the 4-5" mark on the cording), simply pull another 4 arm lengths of Fireline off the spool, cut the needle from the working cord and thread onto the new cord. Fold the new cord in half and go to the ends of this new cord. Make a quick over hand knot around the old cord right next to where it comes out of the last bead. Now, take the tails of the old cord and the new cord (four tails total) and make a surgeons' knot with the two (be very careful not to pull the over hand knot up from it's resting spot next to the bead opening). Pull nice and tight, and burn away the tails fairly close to the knot. When you continue on your beading way, the knot will get sucked up into the next bead strung.

To Finish.

  1. Cut just under a ½" length from the French Wire. Thread this onto the cording along with either the Lobster Clasp or the Chain Extender. Pull the French Wire down, and it will want to slide back into the last Seed bead. This is okay to a point, you don't want the French Wire to slide away down the beadwork, but you don't want to have any of your cording exposed. Don't let it go any further than halfway down the last bead. With your needle, go back into the last 3mm Round Bead, Czech Montana AB bead and 3mm Round Bead. Pull tight so that the slack is pulled out from the end of your necklace, and then go back up the last four seed beads, and then back down the trio of beads (Round beads and czech bead) again. If it's all tight, thread back down some of the core beads (seed beads), come out and make two overhand knots. Thread down about three more core beads (seed beads), come out and make another two overhand knots. Pull tight and burn away the end with your Thread Burner.
  2. Go back to the other end of the necklace. Pick the tail back up, thread on the needle and repeat step #6, attaching the other half of the clasp to the necklace after threading on the French Wire. Done!
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