Shiny Green Drops Necklace

Shiny Green Drops Necklace

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This project uses TierraCast Hammertone Rings and Rivoli Setting, or you can choose your own blank mountings to create your own unique color combinations.

Quantity of Items Needed
  • 26 12mm Crystal Iridescent Red Crystal Pearls
  • 3 14mm Crystal Royal Green Rivolis
  • 3 Medium Hammertone Rings
  • 3 14mm Faceted Rivoli Frames
  • 10 medium oval jump rings
  • 1 small Lobster Clasp
  • 40" black 20 gauge wire
  • Two Part Epoxy

Let's Begin

  1. Mix your epoxy and glue each Rivoli in the Faceted Frame. Repeat for the other two frames and set them aside to cure.
  2. Cut the wire into 26 1½” pieces and set aside.
  3. Using one piece of wire, make a simple loop, slide on one pearl and make a simple loop to close. Repeat 25 more times and set aside.
  4. Using the Rivoli component made in Step 1 attach to one Medium Hammertone ring using an oval jump ring. Repeat 2 more times and set aside.
  5. Start with the lobster clasp and one pearl made in Step 3. Attach together. Now continue attaching pearl components until you have added 11 more. Using a jump ring attach the component made in Step 4. Use a second jump ring to attach another pearl component Repeat 2 more times.
  6. Now add 11 more pearl components and a jump ring at the opposite end to create the closure.
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