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The term seed beads refers to small beads that closely resemble the size and shape of a seed. For thousands of years, Seed Beads have been used by villagers to create jewelry. Finding small, round, oval or tear-dropped shaped seeds, then piercing a hole through them, the villagers would string the Seed Beads onto cording to be worn as necklaces and bracelets. Today's Seed Beads are typically made of glass, and range in size, small to large, from 6/0 to 15/0, perfect for Bead weaving by hand or by using a Beading Loom. The most popular size Seed Bead is 11/0. Seed beads also work well as spacer beads in almost any jewelry designs.

Seed Beads, such as Miyuki Seed Beads from Japan, as well as PRECIOSA Seed Beads produced in the Czech Republic, are highly regarded for their uniform shape, size and finish. Delica beads from Miyuki are very popular for their cylinder shape. The ends of these seed beads are flat instead of round, allowing for the seed beads to line up nice and straight when used in loom work or beadworking patterns. While not as well known as other regions, Seed Beads from India are growing in popularity, and feature some new and exciting color choices.

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