Pearl Knotting

Pearl Knotting

Step One
String a knotted necklace on doubled cord, starting with cord that is four times the desired finished length, plus 12". String a bead tip ( if applicable ), all the beads and the second bead tip.

Push everything that will follow the first knot to the needle end of the cord.

Step Two
Loop the cord around the first three fingers of your non-dominant hand with the bead tip end on top

Step Three
Pinch the cross between your thumb and index finger. Hold the cord circle open on your spread fingers with your palm up.
Then drop the bead end of the cord through the circle into your hand.

Step Four
Put a long awl or tweezers into the loop the same way the cord goes through. Gradually tighten the loop as it slips off your fingers, keeping the awl or tweezers in it.

Step Five
Slide the awl or tweezers down toward the spot where you want the knot to be as you pull the end of the cord with the loose beads in the opposite direction. When the knot is right against the bead tip or bead, let the cord slip off the awl or tweezers

Step Six
To set the knot, pull the two cord strands in opposite directions. Slide the next bead to the knot and repeat

Step Seven

Pearl Knotting