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Lindström Tools are the premium choice for beaders and jewelry makers who are using their tools constantly. The smooth motion of each Lindström Tool reduces hand strain allowing you to work more efficiently without tiring.
Started in 1856, Lindström has set the standard in precision tool manufacturing. As one of the oldest continuous producers of hand tools in existence today, Lindström maintains its edge over the competition through its technical understanding, response to market needs, and commitment to advanced technology. Metallurgy, manufacturing techniques, and tremendously skilled crafts people – particularly in the hardening of steel – are the hallmarks of this world renowned manufacturer.

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Lindström Supreme Flat Nose Pliers
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Lindström Supreme Short Chain Nose Pliers
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Labor Day Sale
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Lindström Supreme Oblique Cut Pliers
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Lindström Supreme Tapered Head Side Cutting Pliers
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Lindström cutters offer an unequaled blend of the technical elements required to achieve the level of performance demanded by a growing number of users.

Every cutter begins with the fundamental materials. Even slight adjustments to these ingredients can change the way steel performs. Lindström has been refining this formula for over 150 years. The 1% carbon, with a pinch of chrome and other key materials, is similar in many ways to the steel used for high-quality ball bearings. This is the material used for all Lindström pliers. The use of ball-bearing grade steel and appropriate heat treatment ensures Lindström cutters last for longer than other brands used in the same applications.
One of the challenges in tool design and usage alike is the search to increase tool life. Decreased life is caused generally by usage beyond the limits of the material and its corresponding hardness. The use of ball bearing grade steel together with proper heat treatment offers the possibility of a cutter of tremendous resiliency and toughness with the ability to withstand greater impact, yet with the ability to return to its original form without damage. This is one of the reasons why Lindström cutters offer greater life and have less breakage than other brands used in the same applications.
Another characteristic that emerges from a Lindström cutter is the ease with which the tool makes its cut. The precision of the machining makes it as if there is a built-in, which makes the cutting easier. This not only helps to make a better cutter, but also reduces operator fatigue.
Different steels have different personalities – each allowing a certain level of hardness. If specific steel is hardened too much for its composition, it will break easily. On the other hand, not enough hardening can sharply reduce tool life. How steel is cooled after hardening and recognizing the different strength capacities of that steel are some of the key factors that make the hardening process a difficult science to master. Measuring the hardness on a Rockwell Hardness Scale, Lindström cutters are elevated to a hardness of 63-65 on the cutting edge. This hardness ranks among the highest of any cutters made. For most manufacturers, this hardness level would create a high breakage rate. Yet, because of the steel, and proper control and consistency of the hardening area – even when used beyond the rated capacity – Lindström cutters have remarkably little breakage.