Sweetheart Necklace

Sweetheart Necklace

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Create this simple and stunning Sweetheart Necklace using a fine silver chain and Swarovski Crystal Pavé Ball Beads. Follow our suggested products below or create your own unique color combinations.

Quantity of Items Needed
QuantityItemItem ID
16mm Light Rose Pavé Ball BeadPB6711
18mm Light Rose Pavé Ball BeadPB8711
94mm Silver Jump RingsJR405
35mm Silver Jump RingsJR505
17mm Silver Spring Ring ClaspSR275
114mm Silver Plated Heart PendantCM1634
21" Silver HeadpinsHP235
1.6 feetSilver Cable ChainCN025
Let's Begin
  1. Cut two 1.7 cm, one 4 cm and two 21 cm pieces of chain. Attach the 4 cm chain to the silver heart piece using a 3 mm jump ring.
  2. Insert one 8mm Pavé Ball onto a headpin and form a loop at the other end. Repeat this step with the 6mm Pavé Ball.
  3. Insert the 4 cm chain through the silver heart and attach the headpin with Pavé Ball onto the end.
  4. Create an extension chain by connecting the 1.7 cm chains to each other using 3 mm and 5 mm jump rings as shown in the illustrations with this step. Attach the headpin with the 6 mm Pavé Ball onto the end of the extension chain.
  5. Connect the extension chain to one of the 21 cm long chains by opening the 3 mm jump ring. Connect the spring ring to the other 21 cm long chain using a 3 mm jump ring. Connect both chains to the silver heart shape using jump rings each as shown in the illustrations.
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