How to Wrap a Loop

Step One
Leaving a 1" tail. place the tip of a chain nose plier against where the bead will be. Bend the tail to form a right angle.

Step Two
With a round nose plier, grasp the tail just past the bend and pull it over the jaw of the pliers to point the other way.

Step Three
Loosen the pliers grip enough to rotate them so the empty jaw is above the partial loop and continue pulling the tail around the bottom jaw until its perpendicular to the wire.

Step Four
Pull a split ring, chain, etc. into the loop.

Step Five
To keep the loop round, grasp it with roundnose pliers in your non-dominant hand above the cross.
Grasp the tail with chain nose pliers to pull it around the wire until it meets the bead. Make the first wrap against the pliers.

Step Six
Additional wraps will serve a decorative purpose as one wrap is sufficient to keep the loop from opening. Clip excess wire off with side cutters. Use chain nose pliers to press the cut end against the last wrap

Wrapped Loop