Wubbers Pliers Bent Nose-Large 6-1/2"

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  • Length: 6-1/2 Inches
  • Jaws: 1-⅛ Inches
  • Type: Bent Nose
  • Brand: Wubbers
The specially designed Wubber handles provide amazing control and leverage. Slightly larger than other pliers, these Bent Nose Pliers feature jaws that are strong without being cumbersome, and the unique Wubber finish helps protect your metal against marring or scratching. The grips are non-slip and very comfortable to use.

Overall length: 6-1/2"

Why do I need this item?

While slightly larger than other pliers, the specially designed handles are comfortable in almost any size hand. Plus, with the Wubber brand, you know you're getting a quality plier.

Wubbers JEWELRY MAKING PLIERS Wubbers tools are unsurpassed in their ability to meet the needs of jewelry makers. Suited for the novice and professional alike, Wubbers are the pliers that work for you. Wubbers are guaranteed to increase your productivity as well as the quality of your finished product.

Wubbers are easy on your hands and easy on your metal. They are engineered for precision and offer the ultimate experience in comfort and control. Each pair is meticulously hand finished to minimize marring and to ensure that Wubbers’ quality is incomparable. Put the fun into your jewelry making with Wubbers! There's a lot to WUB!

Wubbers Jewelry Pliers
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