Wrapped Cat's Eye Necklace

Wrapped Cat's Eye Necklace

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1) Take the end of the metallic ribbon (MR1002) and roll it into a "needle". Thread on one 5mm rondelle spacer bead (RB055). Slide this down about 12" (you don't need to be precise at this time, we'll do that later.)

2) Open the needle up with you pencil. When you get it wide enough, flip the pencil over and use the eraser end to widen the "mouth" of the ribbon. Insert a cat eye bead (GB824) into the ribbon and slide it down to meet up with the rondelle spacer.

3) Repeat steps #1 and #2 until you have five 5mm rondelle spacers (RB055) and five cat eye beads (GB824). If at any point your ribbon begins to fray, just make a flush cut with your side cutters (PL495), you have enough ribbon to work with, so don't worry about running out.)

4) Now basically you'll repeat the beadwork pattern as before, but this time, you'll thread on the 6mm rondelle spacer beads (RB065). Continue until all 6mm rondelle spacers have been threaded on. (you should also have fifteen cat eye beads on the ribbon too)

5) Thread on a 5mm rondelle spacer bead (RB055) and continue the pattern until the remaining five rondelle spacer beads (RB055) have been threaded on.

6) Leave a length of 3 1/2" on either side of the beadwork and cut the metallic ribbon (MR1002). Make sure all of the beadwork is centered and tight.

7) Thread one crimp tube onto both ends of the ribbon, make sure that the crimp tube is fairly snug against the outermost rondelle spacer beads (RB055) on either side. Crimp both tubes with your crimping pliers. Use the outermost indent on your crimping pliers to close a crimp cover (BD610) over the crimped tube.

8) Place either one of the ribbon ends in a fold over connector (CN105). Take your chain nose pliers (tape each of your plier jaws so that it won't mar the metal on the connector) and fold one side over the ribbon end (not completely flat). Fold the other side over and close tightly. Use your side cutters (PL495) to cut any excess metallic ribbon that may be sticking out. Repeat for the other side of the necklace.

To Finish.
9) Open both 4mm jump rings (JR405) and attach one to each connector (CN105) on the ends of the necklace. Before closing the jump rings, attach one half of the pearl clasp (BC715) to either end of the necklace and close the jump rings securely.

10) Use the first indent on your crimping pliers to close a crimp cover (BD610) over the ribbon just beneath the connectors (CN105).
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