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  • Size: 6" x 4" x 1"
  • Material: Nylon
  • _HIDE_KEY_1: Flatten and shape wire with just a whack
  • _HIDE_KEY_2: Easy and fun to use
  • _HIDE_KEY_3: Create your own unique designs
  • _HIDE_KEY_4: Hardens wire disigns with a whack!
  • _HIDE_KEY_5: Won't mar or nick most types of wire

Use the 2 piece Wire Whacker to harden soft metal and wire projects. Simply place the item between the nylon plates and whack it with a hammer! The metal will harden and become more rigid, without losing it's shape. Easy to handle and simple to use. Works with most wire gauges and will not mar or nick polished finishes. Great for hoops, earrings, hooks and more.

Contains: 2 Pieces 6" Long x 4" Wide x 1/2" Thick (overall Thickness 1")

Why do I need this item?

Hammering wire or sheet against a smooth, solid, surface is necessary in order to "harden" the material so that it will retain its' finished shape. The Wire Wacker's nylon surfaces are hard enough to work like steel, but soft enough not to mar the metal or wire.

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