Wedding Day Briolette Necklace

Wedding Day Briolette Necklace

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1) Measure out 16" of CN024 and cut using PL495. Open one JR404, using PL491 and PL490, and attach to one end of CN024. Before closing this JR404, thread on CN364. Close the JR404.

2) For the other end of CN024, open another JR404 and attach to the chain. Before closing the JR404, thread on SR254. Close the JR404.

3) Measure 1" down CN024 from SR254 and open another JR404. Attach this jump ring through one of the links on the chain, but before closing the jump ring, thread on one BR5025. Close this JR404.

To Finish.
4) Continue to measure along CN024, and at every 1/2", attach another JR404 with a BR5025 threaded onto it. Repeat this step until all twenty six BR5025 are attached to the chain.
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