Vintage Style Necklace

Vintage Style Necklace

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Combine a coordinating color motif of Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Skull Flat Backs to create the Vintage Style Necklace. Follow our suggested products below, or create your own color combination with your favorite colors.

Quantity of Items Needed
QuantityItemItem ID
210mm Crystal Light Chrome Skull Flat BackSK1107
210mm Crystal Silver Night Skull Flat BackSK1701
214mm Crystal Light Chrome Skull Flat BackSK4107
214mm Crystal Silver Night Skull Flat BackSK4701
710mm Jet Baroque BeadBR1398
406mm Crystal Iridescent Light Blue Round PearlPR6260
228mm Crystal Iridescent Light Blue Round PearlPR8260
1810mm Crystal Iridescent Light Blue Round PearlPR0260
410mm Crystal Iridescent Dark Blue Round PearlPR4261
Black Silk Bead CordBC2536

Let's Begin

  1. Begin stringing your Crystal Round Pearls on the silk thread. Use a pair of tweezers to tie knots to assist in placing each pearl. Read our simple illustrated instructions on pearl knotting here.
  2. Apply a small amount of Glue to one of the 10mm Flat Backs, use another 10mm Flat Back and sandwich the silk thread between the two Flat Backs.
  3. Continue stringing the Crystal Round Pearls and Baroque Beads following the supplied pattern.
  4. End your stringing with a double knot and apply glue to secure it and let dry.
Stringing Crystal Round Pearls onto Thread Attaching Skull Flat Backs to Strung Pearls
Swarovski Vintage Style Necklace Beading Pattern
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