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Quantity of Items Needed
1 Kumihimo Disk (KB425)
2yds 2mm Coffee Satin Cord (RT212)
2yds 2mm Hunter Green Satin Cord (RT214)
2yds 2mm Dark Olive Satin Cord (RT215)
2yds 2mm Medium Brown Satin Cord (RT219)
1 Oval Scroll Gold Plated Pendant (PD1100)
1 Oasis Gold Plated Bail (BL150)
2 6mm Gold Plated End Caps (CA602)
1 Gold Plated Hook and Eye Clasp (CL1059)
2 Gold Plated 4mm Jump Rings (JR201)
1 .18oz E6000 (GL118)
1 22ga Red Brass Wire (NU022)

1) Cut each of the satin cord lengths in half. After reading the instructions for a basic Kumohimo braid located on the inside of the Kumohimo disk packaging, arrange the four different colors in whichever variety you choose; colors right next to each other, color across from one another or a completely random placement. Place two strands between 31/32 and 32/1 on the disk. Place two more strands between 7/8 and 8/9. Place two more strands between 15/16 and 16/17 and last but not least, the last two can go between 23/24 and 24/25. Make sure that you are fitting the cording into the disc so that just the end reaches to and through the center of the disk. You can either hold the ends of the cord through the back of the center hole with your fingers or tie the ends to a heavy object (such as car keys) to keep the tension tight as you're braiding. Wind a small amount of non-tarnish wire around the cording that is coming through the center hole - regardless of how you are keeping tension so that the braid doesn't come undone once you remove the braiding from the disk.

2) Refer to the instructions included with the disk to create a braid that is 18" long. Make sure to check the diameter of your braiding as you start out; you want the braiding to be 6mm thick. When you reach the length needed, wrap another length of wire around the satin cording to "lock" the braiding in place. Remove the braiding from the disk. Cut away the excess satin cording about a 1/4" up from the wire wrapping.

3) Thread the bail onto the braiding. Coat the inside of one of the end caps with the glue. Set the end cap parallel onto the end of the braiding. Unwrap the scrap wire from the braiding end and then push the braid end all the way into the end cap. Repeat for the other side of the necklace and then allow the glue to cure for about 1 hour before moving onto the next step.

4) Cut a 2" length of non-tarnish wire and begin to make a wrapped loop on one end. Before closing the loop completely, attach the pendant. Thread on an extra bead that you have in your bead stash (or bead soup!) and begin to make another wrapped loop on the other end of the wire, only this time, attach the loop to the bail loop before completing the wrapped loop.

5) At the opposite end of the necklace, open two jump rings and use these to attach each half of the hook and eye clasp to the attached end caps. Pay attention to how the clasp will lay and which side the pendant is facing - you want the hook portion of the clasp to be facing away from the necklace (the other way might allow the clasp to come undone while you're wearing the necklace). After everything is straight, close the jump rings securely and you're done!
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