VALUED Faceted Bicone 6mm Emerald Crystal Beads (11" Strand)

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11" Strand


  • Size: 6mm
  • Color: Emerald
  • Hole Size: 1.0mm
  • Beads Per Strand (Approximate): 50
  • Shape: Faceted Bicone
  • _COLOR: Green
  • _SimpleColor: Green

Introducing our exquisite collection of Emerald Faceted Bicone 6mm Crystal Beads! These stunning beads are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring impeccable quality and radiating brilliance. The faceted bicone shape adds dimension and depth to your jewelry designs, making them truly eye-catching.

Measuring 6mm in diameter, these beads offer a perfect balance between size and versatility. They can be easily incorporated into various jewelry-making projects, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Whether you're creating delicate and intricate patterns or making bold statement pieces, these beads will be a perfect fit.

Available in the captivating Emerald color, these beads bring a sense of luxury and enchantment to your designs. The rich green hue of emerald exudes elegance and sophistication, adding a touch of natural beauty to your jewelry pieces.

Made from high-quality crystal material, these beads capture and reflect light beautifully, enhancing the overall visual impact of your creations. The smooth surface and precise faceting of the beads create a dazzling display of light, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of the emerald color.

Whether you're a professional jewelry designer or a passionate hobbyist, our Emerald Faceted Bicone 6mm Crystal Beads are a must-have in your collection. Elevate your jewelry designs with these exceptional beads and create captivating pieces that exude the timeless allure of emerald. Place your order today and let your creativity shine with the captivating beauty of emerald.

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