Turquoise Drops

Turquoise Drops

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1) Take the 18" length of chain and open the two Jump Rings. Use each of the Jump Rings to attach each half of the Toggle Clasp to the ends of the length of chain. Make sure that each of the Jump Rings are closed securely.

2) Locate the middle link by folding the necklace in half. Take one of the 2" lengths of wire and thread on one of the Howlite Briolettes. With your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers begin to make a wrapped briolette with the wire. When creating the Simple Loop to finish this wrapped briolette; attach the loop to the middle link before closing the loop.

To Finish.

3) Repeat step #2 over and again with the remaining eight Howlite Briolettes; skipping three links of chain inbetween each wrapped briolette. In the end, there should be four wrapped briolettes on either side of the middle wrapped briolette from step #2. Make sure that each of the wires are smooth and won't catch or irritate you as you wear the necklace. If there are catches, just file the end down a bit. Done!
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