Tourmaline Beads 4.5-5mm (13" Strand)

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13" Strand
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  • Size: 4mm
  • Color: Pink/Gold/Green
  • Material: Tourmaline
  • Hole Size: 1mm
  • Beads Per Strand (Approximate): 72
  • Shape: Round
  • _COLOR: Mixed
  • _SimpleColor: Mixed

Tourmaline derives its name from the Sinhalese word “tura mali” (stone of mixed colors). However, according to the Ancient Egyptians, tourmaline traveled along a rainbow on its way down to earth, which is why it’s sometimes called the “rainbow stone”. The stones can be red and green, blue to yellow, often with two or more colors. No two pieces of tourmaline are the same.

Tourmaline is said to have a powerful influence on love and friendship. Red Tourmaline is called “Rubellite”, Pink Tourmaline will change color in different levels of light. The blue variety is called “Indigolith” while “Schorl” is the name given to black tourmaline. “Achroite” is the colorless variety of Tourmaline. The most popular form of Tourmaline is “Verdelith” or the green variety.

Tourmaline also has another characteristic in that this is a stone that is Piezoelectric, which means heating, rubbing and pressurizing tourmaline will give it an electric charge. Tourmaline is mined all over the world, from Brazil to Sri Lanka, South and Southwest Africa, Madagascar, Utah and Maine. It is said to help dispel fear and grief, and can lend itself to give tranquil sleep. Don’t clean tourmaline in an ultrasonic cleaner.

All items are handcrafted. Therefore, size, shape, hole size, and finish may vary slightly.

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