Topaz Flowers Earring Project

Topaz Flowers Earring Project

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1) Insert one of the jaws of your Round Nose Pliers into one of the connector holes on the Brass Connector. Twist around to make the opening a little larger.

2) Open a Jump Ring and use this to attach one of the Topaz Briolettes to the connector hole that you just reamed a bit larger with your Round Nose pliers. If the jump ring won't fit through, insert your Round Nose pliers again and apply a little more pressure while twisting. Close the Jump Ring securely after attaching both of these components to one another.

3) Open the loop at the base of the French Hook Earwire slightly and attach to the other hole on the Brass Connector. Close the loop on the earwire securely after doing so.

4) Repeat all steps to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Swarovski Briolette Pendant 6010 11x5.5mm Topaz (BR5022)
2 Brass Connector 17x10mm (CN462)
2 Jump Ring 6mm Gold Color (BM234)
2 French Hook Wire Flat With Spring Gold Plated (SH302)

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