Tagua Nut Pendant Ancient Taupe (1-Pc)

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  • Height: 44mm
  • Color: Ancient Taupe
  • Material: Tagua Nut
  • Hole Size: 3mm
  • Style: Free Form
  • _COLOR: Brown
  • _SimpleColor: Brown

Tagua Nuts are harvested in the rainforests of Colombia and Ecuador. The nuts are dried in the sun for 4 to 6 months, then sliced, drilled and polished by tumbling in water and grinding materials. Some of the slices are left their natural ivory color and others are permanently dyed.

The Tagua Nut is also sometimes referred to as "Vegetable Ivory" due to the fact that it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. In fact, one Tagua palm tree's harvest is EQUAL to ivory from one Elephant. These nuts have been used as an ivory substitute for over 140 years! An "Eco-Friendly" product, the Tagua Nut is renewable and sustainable, and helps support the employment of nearly 35,000 people in the rainforests.

Long ago, the indigenous people of the rainforest used to give each member of their clan a Tagua Nut to carry around their necks, believing that the person who wore it would be protected by the love of both family and friends. Please note that no two slices are exactly the same and imperfections do occur.

Tips for Use and Wear

The type of dye used to enhance the Tagua Nut is colorfast, washable and dry cleanable. Tagua Nut slices will benefit from a light polishing with Pledge or other fine wood care products. Spray a little Pledge onto a soft cloth and polish the slice with the sprayed cloth. Be sure to polish the entire pendant; front, back and sides. This should not change the appearance of the material but will add a light waterproof coating. You can re-apply the pledge when needed. Be aware that constant wear in water, especially chlorine water, may affect the color and durability of the Tagua Nut slice. The Tagua Nut is also similar in its make-up like that of wood, so when worn in the water, the Tagua Nut will absorb water and expand slightly in size. Rest assured, it will return to its original shape once fully dry. If you would like to glue anything to the Tagua Nut slice, you can do so with any glue that would work with wood (We recommend Beacon Glue). Gluing items may not work very well with Tagua Nut slices that have been "waterproofed", however.

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