Swarovski Crystal Rosary Kit 6mm Crystal Bicones Sterling Silver Plated

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Difficulty Level: Beginner
Length: 20"
Make this rosary with Swarovski crystals and TierraCast findings.
Recommended Tools: Side Cutters (PL495), Chain Nose Pliers (PL480), Round Nose Pliers (PL482)

Project Instructions:
1) With your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers remove a length of biconed chain that is five bicones in length (DO NOT CUT the chain, simply undo the jump ring to remove the length desired) set aside. Remove any left over jump rings from the ends of this length of chain. Open two oval jump rings and use one to attach to the loop on the cross and the other to the base of the (center) connector. The three bicones in the center of this length of biconed chain make up the set of three Hail Marys.

2) Thread one 8mm Bicone onto each eyepin. Make a simple loop with the remaining wire and set aside. Take the long length of biconed chain and break this down to five lengths of chain that have ten bicones on each (DO NOT CUT the chain, simply undo the jump ring to remove the length desired) this length of chain will make up the decade portion of the rosary.

3) Pick up one of the ten bicone lengths (decade) of chain and open the loop at one end of the chain. Slide this loop onto either side loop of the (center) connector. Close the loop completly. Go to the other end of the chain and open an oval jump ring. Use this to attach this end of the chain to the simple loop on one of the biconed jump rings (Our Father) that you made in step #2. Make sure to close this jump ring and then open another oval jump ring and use this to attach the other simple loop on the other end of the biconed eyepin (Our Father) to the next length of ten bicone chain (decade) that you set aside in step #2.

4) Repeat attaching the ten bicone chain (decade) to the 8mm biconed eyepins (Our Father) by way of the oval jump rings. When you have finished alternating between the two groups, take the loop at the very end of the last ten bicone chain (decade) and open it with your Chain Nose and Round Nose Pliers. Attach this loop to the last loop on the (center) connector and then close the loop completely. Go over the whole rosary one more time to make sure that all connections are secured and then you’re done. Good Job!

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