Swarovski Crystal Candle

Swarovski Crystal Candle

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1) Make a very small indent in the candle with the tip of TW171 marking where the center of the design will be. Place a small drop of GL113 onto the back of RF7000 with a toothpick and adhere on top of the indent.

2) Take the four RF5000s and place one each above, below, to the left and to the right of RF7000. Leave about a 2mm gap between the center crystal and these four RF5000 .

3) Starting with the RF5000 that has been placed at the top and the one placed to the left, measure an equal distance between the two and place one glued RF4000. Repeat this step between each of the other four RF5000 from the previous step. When you are done, you should be looking at a diamond shape.

4) Take another RF4000, glue and place about 2mm to the outside of the RF5000 on the left. Repeat this step three more times, placing each 2mm to the outside of the RF5000 flatbacks that were glued on in step #2

To Finish.
5) Imagine a line connecting the outermost left RF4000 with the topmost RF4000. Take two of the RF3001 and place on this imaginary line equally spaced between the three crystals directly below this "line". (Refer to the above picture for any questions)

(Optional) Put a 1 1/2" strip of tacky or craft glue to the bottom of the candle and sprinkle the small glass craft marbles onto the glue. Allow to dry completely before moving.

** Try repeating the pattern all over the candle for a really stunning pattern!!! **
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Swarovski crystals
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