Sunflower Necklace

Sunflower Necklace

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* Extra wire has been included in the list for beginners new to wire lashing. If the wire should get too kinked while lashing, simply cut and finish the wire as in step #5 below, and attach the new length of wire where you left off as in step #3 below. As always, take time when pulling wire not to kink or mar the wire while your lashing the bicones to the connectors. *

1) Take the 24" length of chain and open two jump ring with your Chain and Round Nose pliers. Fit both of the jump rings (one at a time) through the last link on one end of the chain and use these jump rings to attach to one end of the magnetic clasp. Set aside.

2) Use your Chain Nose pliers to open the bail up slightly, and attach both of the circle heart connector to the bail (make sure the front of each connector is facing outward). Use your Chain Nose pliers again to open the bail a bit further, if need be, and to flatten the opened tab to the back of the bail.

3) Make a small 1/4" 90° at the very end of on of the 8" lengths of wire. Slip this hook into the same heart openings that the bail is attached through. Use your Chain Nose pliers to now wrap the wire tail around the underside of the back connector.

4) Go back to the front connector, and thread one Sunflower Bicone onto the wire. Pull the wire through the center hole to the back of the connectors and then thread the end of the wire through the next heart opening in the connector, from the back to the front. Thread on another Sunflower Bicone and then pull the wire through the center hole to the back of the connectors. Repeat this step, which is a form of wire lashing, to attach the rest of the bicones in this order from the two bicones already lashed to the connectors
- (1) Sunflower Bicone
- (2) Hyacinth Bicones
- (2) Fire Opal Bicones
- (2) Light Siam Bicones
- (3) Siam Bicones
* Now repeat this pattern from the Light Siam Bicones up to wire lash the other side of the connectors. (you'll lash the final two Sunflower Bicones to the connectors to finish instead of just the 1 that's listed in the pattern)

5) With the last bicone attached to the connector, pull the wire though the center hole. Trim off the excess wire and use your Chain Nose pliers to tuck the tail around the underside of the back connector.

6) Slide the decorated bail onto the free end of the chain.

7) Open up five jump rings and find the heart opening that is directly opposite of the heart opening that the bail is attached to. Use the first of the five jump rings to attach one of the larger briolette pendants to this bottom heart opening. Use two more jump rings to attach the other two large briolette pendants to either side of the previous pendant. Use two more jump rings to attach the two smaller briolette pendants to the outside of the three larger briolettes already attached.

To Finish.

7) Open the remaining two jump rings and use both of these to attach the end link of the free side of the chain to the other half of the magnetic clasp. Double check all connections and wraps - done!.
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