Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelet with 3mm Beads

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  • Size: 6-1/2" Long (3mm Beads)
  • Color: Navajo Pearl Bead
  • Material: Sterling Silver .925
  • _COLOR: Silver
  • _SimpleColor: Silver
  • _HIDE_KEY_1: Plating : Anti-Tarnish
  • _HIDE_KEY_4: Approximately 55 Beads Per Bracelet

Introducing our Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelet, a timeless and elegant accessory that exudes the beauty of southwestern style. This bracelet features a delightful arrangement of 3mm Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl Beads, meticulously crafted from .925 Silver to showcase the finest craftsmanship.

Each Navajo Pearl Bead holds a special significance, reminiscent of the rich cultural heritage of the Navajo Nation. The name "Navajo Pearl" is a tribute to these silver beads, which were once used as currency and traded among tribes. Now, they serve as a symbol of artistic expression and traditional beauty in Native American jewelry.

To ensure lasting beauty and durability, our Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelet is plated with an Anti-Tarnish coating, protecting the lustrous .925 Silver and maintaining its brilliance over time.

The stretchy design of this bracelet ensures a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes. Measuring 6-1/2 inches long, it offers ease and convenience while putting it on or taking it off. Whether worn alone for a minimalistic and chic look or stacked with other bracelets for a bohemian vibe, this Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelet complements any style and adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Embrace the spirit of the Southwest and celebrate the artistry of Navajo culture with our Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelet. Elevate your jewelry collection with this classic and meaningful accessory that reflects the beauty and heritage of Native American craftsmanship.

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