Spooky Sparkle Earring Project

Spooky Sparkle Earring Project

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1) Take the smallest pegs included with the Wig Thingamajig (WC150) and put one peg in any of the holes on the board. Take another two pegs and put one of these in the holes off to the bottom diagonal right and bottom diagonal left of the first peg. Set the final two pegs off to the bottom diagonal right and left of the two earliers pegs set in the board. The final pattern should look like the two sides of a triangle.

2) Take one of the 6" lengths of Artistic Wire (CW2202)and bend the middle of the wire around the top peg. Don't remove the wire, but rather take each of the halves of the now center wrapped wire and continue to wrap around the two diagonal set pegs on either side. (Refer to the project picture for details) Your wraps should be nice and tight, so if you need to use your chain nose pliers (PL490)to get a good hold and pull the wire tight, it's okay to do so. Just make sure that you hold the wire carefully, as the coating can come off if pressed or pinched too tightly. Repeat this step to make the other earring form.

3) Remove the wire and set onto the dapping block (DA540) or the wire whacker (WS100). Lightly hit the bent wire once on the left, middle and right of the form with your chasing hammer (HA223). You can use just your hand if using the wire whacker. By doing this, the wire will become stronger and keep it's bent form easier. Don't hit the wire too much as this will have the opposite effect and weaken the wire if done too much.

4) If you look at the picture, you'll see that the two earrings don't exactly match when it comes to the placement of the handmade bicone links throughout the earrings, so these next steps are competely up to you. You can choose to follow the same pattern for each, or make them up differently. The larger loop on the earring is 2" long, while the smaller, inside loop is about 1 1/2" long.

5) For a simple looped biconed link that has ONE bicone - take one 4mm bicone of whichever color you like and one 1" length of black artistic wire (CW2202). With one of the ends of wire, make a small simple loop with the end of your round nose pliers (PL491). Before closing this loop, attach it to either a small length of chain (CN875) or one of the loops on the earring form. Thread on the one bicone and make another simple loop with the other end of the wire. Make sure to attach this loop to a small length of chain. If you are making a 2 biconed link or a 3 biconed link add 1/4" to 1/2" to that 1" length of artistic wire from the first sentence of this step. (Make sure that you allow yourself enough wire to work with. Don't worry about wasting a little wire at this point.)

6) Make a 3 biconed link for the middle loop of the earring form. Take a 1/2" to 3/4" length of wire and bend one end ever so slightly to a 45 degree angle with the very tip of your chain nose pliers (PL490) This will hold the bicone that you thread onto the other end of the wire. Make a simple loop with the other end of the length of wire and attach this loop to the free loop on the end of the 3 biconed link that is attached to the center loop on the earring form.

7) Take one of the earring hooks (SH303) and open the loop on it as you would a jump ring with your chain nose and round nose pliers. Slip the open earring loop onto the center loop on the earring form and close the earring loop with your chain nose and round nose pliers.

8) Repeat steps #3 through #6 with the other earring form from step #2 to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
10 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5301 4mm Topaz (AC4022)
5 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 4mm Crystal Comet Argent Light (AC4297)
20 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 4mm Jet (AC4398)
10" Chain - Double Link 4mm Antique Silver Plated * down to two 5" lengths *(CN875)
12" Artistic Wire Spools 22ga * down to two 6" lengths *(CW2022)
2 French Hook Wire Flat With Spring Silver Plated (SH303)
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