Spiraling Colors

Spiraling Colors

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1) Following the directions that come with the Coiling Gizmo, make three sets of coiled beads in three colors: gunmetal, purple, and blue. Use the 20ga black artistic wire when it's called for to coil the colored wire around while on the Coiling Gizmo.

2) Cut a length of wire about 5" from the 20ga black artistic wire spool. With your Round Nose pliers, place the tip of one end of the length of wire into the jaws of the pliers all the way back at the joint. Roll the wire around in a loop two times. Remove the looped wire from the Round Nose pliers jaws, and thread the straight part through one of the coiled beads. Position the loops that you just created inside of the loops at the end of the coiled bead. (This is why you looped the wire around the Round Nose pliers as far back as you did. You need the loops to be big enough to sit inside the coil of the bead, without falling through). Coil the wire that is sticking through the other end of the coiled bead, making sure to cut away any excess wire. (You can cut away before you coil around the Round Nose pliers, or afterwards so that the number of coils on either side is the same.) Repeat this step for the remaining eight coiled beads.

3) Cut a length of wire about 4-5" (whatever you feel is a comfortable length for wrapped loops) from the 20ga black artistic wire spool. Start to create a wrapped loop on one end. Before closing the loop and wrapping it, attach one of blue coiled beads to the loop. Finish up the wrapped loop and trim away any excess wire. Thread on a Briolette bead, and then begin a wrapped loop on the other side. Attach a gunmetal coiled bead to the loop before wrapping the loop up, and trim away any excess wire. Repeat this step of making wrapped loops with briolette beads to connect all of the coiled beads to one another. The pattern here is blue, gunmetal, purple, but you can change it up to whatever pattern best suits you.

To Finish.

4) Open up the three Jump Rings and use one to attach the Lobster Clasps to one of the loops at the end of the necklace. With the other two, create a chain with the closed jump rings. Use one of the open jump rings on the end to attach to the loop at the other end of the necklace. Make sure all of your jump rings are closed securely, and make sure that all of your wrapped loop are nice and straight, and you're set.
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