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* If you notice in the two snowflakes picutred above, you can have a pattern to your snowflake, or simply create a random design.

1) Pour out a couple of each style of the base metal beads and with the assortment in the bead kit, mix and match the pattern until you are happy with what you have on one spoke of the snowflake form. Try to allow a small amount of the spoke that you are beading on to poke out from the last bead. The Crimp Tube that you'll attach in the next step is easier to bead on if you can see where you're attaching it to.

To Finish.

2) After you have the beading on, place the smallest drop possible onto the opening on the Crimp Tube. Now slide the Crimp Tube onto the end of the spoke and allow to dry. Also, make sure that the tube is pressed on all of the way. Many of the beads in the kit have a large enough hole that some of the Crimp Tube should slip onto the spoke and into the end of the last bead threaded on. Allow this to cure for a couple of minutes before moving onto the next spoke on the form.

3) With the final spoke, allow for a bit more room at the end so that you can make a large enough simple loop with the remaining wire. This is memory wire, so you'll have to use some pressure when bending the wire. Slide the 6" length of ribbon through the hole (roll the end of the ribbon into a little "needle" if you need to) and then tie a knot, leaving a small loop to fit the snowflake onto a tree, door, or window. (*Tip - if the simple loop you created doesn't close all of the way, use a small drop of GL130 to secure the ribbon to the top of the Simple Loop after you've threaded it through the loop to hold it in place.
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