Snowfall Earring Project

Snowfall Earring Project

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Quantity of Items Needed

2 Snowflake 11x13mm Charm Sterling Silver (CM0033)
1" Drawn Cable Link Chain 1.3mm Sterling Silver (CN234)
2 Ear Backs Light 5mm Sterling Silver (EN915)
2 Earring with 4mm Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver (EP700)
8 Head Pin 1" 24 Gauge Sterling Silver (HP105)
2 Jump Ring Round Open 4mm Sterling Silver (JR405)
4 Swarovski Round 5000 Bead 4mm Emerald (RB4012)
4 Swarovski Round 5000 Bead 4mm Light Siam (RB4273)


1) Take the Jump Ring that comes with the snowflake charm off with your Chain Nose and Round Nose Pliers, and in turn, replace this with a 4mm Jump Ring. Before closing this Jump Ring, attach it to the last link in one of the 1/2" lengths of chain.

2) Open the loop at the base of one of the CZ earrings with your Chain Nose pliers and slide on the other end of the length of chain. Close the loop on the CZ earring securely.

3) Take two of the Light Siam Round beads and two of the Emerald Round beads, along with four Headpins. Thread one bead onto each of the Headpins and then with your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers, make a simple loop with each of the Headpins. Use your Side Cutters to trim away any excess wire. Before closing each of these Headpin loops securely, thread the two Emerald Headpins onto the same link in the chain as the Jump Ring. Attach the two Light Siam Headpins to the link just above everything else. Make sure all of your loops are closed securely.

4) Attach an Ear Nut to the post portion of the Earring.

To Finish.

5) Repeat all steps to create the other earring
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