Silver Scales Wrap Bracelet Project

Silver Scales Wrap Bracelet Project

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** This bracelet will wrap snug around a 7" wrist five times. Check the bracelet on your wrist as you're making it if you want to alter the length in any way. **

1) Cut the length of leather cording in half so that you have two lengths of 42". Make an overhand knot towards the end of the lengths of cording. Make another overhand knot about an inch away from the first one, making sure that you also include the tail end of the nylon cord with it. Place a good amount of Hypo-Tube cement over the nylon cord as it both enters and exits the overhand knot and allow to cure for about 10mins before moving on.
2) To weave the chain onto the bracelet, simply weave the nylon cording back taking the cording directly under the "V" that is facing you on the chain. Make sure to weave in an "S" pattern, going under the leather cord on one side, through the chain and then over the leather cord on the other side. Wrap the nylon cord around the leather cording and then through the chain (underneath the next "V" on the chain) and over the first leather cord that you started from. Continue with this weaving until all of your chain is threaded on.
3) Now, secure your wrap by making an overhand knot with all of the remaining cording. Don't pull too tight as you're going to remove the slack from your weaving and will re-do this overhand knot in a couple of minutes. Start from the beginning of your wrapping and begin to pull on the nylon cording on each side of the bracelet, securing and tightening the cording and chain as you go. When you reach the end of the bracelet again, re-do the overhand knot and place some Hypo-Tube Cement on the nylon cording as it enters and exits the overhand knot. Allow the glue to cure for 10mins before moving on.
4) File the loop on the shank of the pewter button so that the hole is a bit larger to accommodate the leather cording. Thread the button onto one of the leather cords and then make a final overhand knot about 1" from the third overhand knot that you've made on this bracelet. Trim away the nylon cording (make sure that the glue is sufficient and dry before doing this) and trim off any excess leather cording that you have to your liking. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
3' Wheat Chain 6mm Antique Silver Plated (CN296)
84" Leather Cord 2mm Black (LC2103)
1 Bead Cord Nylon Black #4 (BC1234)
1 Button 15mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (BT238)
1 G-S Hypo-Tube Cement (GL400)
1 Round Needle File #2 Cut (FL242)

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