Radial Flare Necklace

Radial Flare Necklace

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1) Take the piece of paper and squeeze equal amounts from both tubes of epoxy out onto it. (You only really need about a dime size from each tube) Mix the two parts together with the toothpick until the mixture becomes slightly tacky. Load up the tip of the toothpick with some of the epoxy and place a couple of drops onto the inside of the Rivoli setting (again, less is more here. Don't slather so much epoxy onto the setting that it's oozing out everywhere when you go to set the stone. Air needs to be able to reach the very middle of the setting to cure completely.) Set the Fuchsia Rivoli into the setting and allow to cure for about 20mins before heading onto the next step.

2) Hold the Snap on Bail with your Chain Nose pliers and attach to the loop on the Rivoli setting. (Snap portion of the bail facing the back of the necklace) Slide the bail on the 18" length of chain.

Start your beadwork.

To Finish.

3) Attach a Ball Chain connector to the ends of the Ball Chain. Set the necklace aside to cure for at least 24 hours before wearing. Enjoy!
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