Quick Chandelier

Quick Chandelier

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1) Take 12 of HP105 and with each one thread (one bicone per headpin);

Swarovski Crystal Bicone (3mm/Aqua)
Swarovski Crystal Bicone (3mm/Indicolite)
Swarovski Crystal Bicone (4mm/Crystal AB)
Swarovski Crystal Bicone (4mm Crystal)

2) For each of the threaded headpins, cut off excess wire with PL495 and make a loop with PL491. Before closing the loop completely attach to one of the loops one of the 1-1/2" pieces of CN018. (As in the picture example show above, work down with the chain from smallest to largest crystal bicone as well as Light Aqua to Indicolite to Crystal AB, ending with Crystal.

****Note**** So that the biconed headpins have a little movement on the earring, attach one biconed headpin per loop on the chain.

3) At this point you should have a piece of chain with 12 biconed headpins attached. Take one JR405 and op using PL490 and PL491. Attach one end of the chain and loop on CE6100. Close the jump ring.

To Finish.

5) Repeat steps for the other earring.

6) Secure one EN801 to each of the posts on CE6100.

You may wish to make variations to this design by mixing the colors up instead of grouping the colors together!
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