Pop Up Bracelet Project

Pop Up Bracelet Project

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1) Line up the metal sheet into the disc cutter at the 20mm hole. Use your brass hammer to hit the peg into the disc cutter to stamp out the 20mm circle from the metal sheet. Remove the protective film on the back of the metal circle if there is one. Set the metal circle into the largest dome on the doming/dapping block design side down and set the rounded end of the largest peg on the center of the metal circle. Use your plastic mallet (or lightly - your brass hammer) to shape the metal circle into a dome. First strike down with the peg and then lightly go around the circumference of the metal circle as its in the indent. The slower you work, the more even your dome will be - too quick and you might pucker the side of the circle or worse yet, create a fold in the edge of the metal circle. Repeat this same step of punching out the 20mm metal circles and then doming them until you have two metal domed discs of each of the three colors; black, red and gold.

2) Dry fit each of your metal circles into each of the ring settings to make sure that they are each domed enough. If you have a problem fitting them into the settings, simply place back into the doming/dapping block and continue to increase the angle on the doming - you might even need to try out the next smaller dome to get the angle to fit perfectly. If you try the fit and the metal circle gets a little stuck, simply press from the back with a popsicle stick attached to a cotton ball or piece of tissue to pop it back out. (the cotton ball/tissue is used to lessen the chance of marring the metal) 3) Mix up your epoxy. You should use about a quarter's worth of each the resin and the activator. Mix this on a piece of paper with a toothpick or popsicle stick. Place a small ribbon of epoxy around the inside base of the setting - right where the wall meets the base of the setting. Now pop the metal circle into the setting and allow it to dry for 24hrs. Repeat this step with the remaining metal circles and settings.

4) To assemble - open six jump rings, making a chain of two jump rings each and use this to attach the bar end of the toggle clasp to a free end of one of the settings with a gold metal circle attached. Make sure each of the jump rings are closed securely and then open two more jump rings. Use these to attach the other half of the gold metal circle setting to one of the black metal circle settings. Close these jump rings securely. Open two more jump rings and use these to attach the other half of the black metal circle setting to one of the red metal circle settings. Repeat this pattern again until all of the metal circle settings are attached to one another.

5) Open the last two jump rings and use these to attach the circle half of the toggle clasp to the final loop on the end of the bracelet. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Lillypilly Aluminum Sheet Paisley 3" x 3" Black 22ga (AS2711)
1 Lillypilly Aluminum Sheet Paisley 3" x 3" Gold 22ga (AS2712)
1 Lillypilly Aluminum Sheet Paisley 3" x 3" Red 24ga (AS4714)
6 Cosmic Ring Setting 2-Loop 20mm Pewter Antique Gold Plated (CS129)
18 Jump Ring - Open 6mm Gold Color (JR332)
1 Toggle Clasp 11mm Gold Plated (CL442)
Large Disc Cutter (DP402)
Epoxy 330 (GL330)
Brass Hammer 1lb (HA456)
Plastic Mallet 1-1/4" (HA411)
Wood Dapping Set (DA160)

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