Pearly Bubble Ring

Pearly Bubble Ring

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1) Take one of your headpins (any variety is fine) and thread on one of your beads (again, any variety is just fine). With your Chain Nose and Round Nose Pliers, make a wrapped loop. (Make sure that you attach the loop to one of the connector loops on the ring before closing the wrapped loop completely). Cut off any excess wire with your Side Cutters.

2) Repeat this step over and over again, using different combinations of beads next to one another (and different combinations of Head pins if you've chosen diffent types)

3) All of the beads will tighten up and bunch together only when worn on your finger. So while you're working and attaching beads, periodically check the layout by slipping the ring onto your finger to make sure that the ring eventually has a round, bubbly look to it.

To Finish.
4) Adjust the ring so that it fits comfortably, and double check all of the beads to make sure that they are attached to the ring securely. Congrats, you now have a one of a kind ring!
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