Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

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**When cutting CN034 for this project make sure you "round up" to the nearest large hole on the chain. You will not use the very small loops of the chain.**

1) Cut 1" of GR120 and make a loop in one end using PL490 and PL491.

2) Start your beadwork.
Gold Bead End for 4-6mm
Leopard Skin Jasper Round Beads (8mm)
Gold Bead End for 4-6mm

3) Create another loop in the other end of GR120 as close as possible to the beads. Repeat this step nineteen more times. Don't close the loops completely and try to keep them as uniform as possible. (These will be referred to as "jasper groupings" in later steps)

4) Take one EB032 and open three JR404 using PL490 and PL491. Cut two 1-1/2" and one 2-3/4" lengths of CN034. Use two of the open JR404 to attach the two 1-1/2" lengths of chain to the two outside holes of EB032. Close the two jump rings when attached. Take the third open JR404 and attach the 2-3/4" length of chain to the center hole of EB032. Close this jump ring.

5) Taking three of the beaded jasper groupings from step #1, attach one to each of the ends of the chain from step #2. After attached, securely close the eye loops on that end ONLY.

6) Cut three 1-1/2 lengths of CN034 and attach one length to each of the jasper grouping from the previous step. After attached, securely close the eye loops on that side of the groupings too.

7) Continue to make three chains of jasper groupings and 1-1/2" lengths of CN034. Continue until all jasper groupings have been attached. Cut two 1-1/2" lengths of CN034 and attach these to the outside two jasper groupings. Use the remaining 2-3/4" to attach to the center jasper grouping. At this point, double check to make sure that all three strands of the necklace are even in length. Adjust if necessary.

8) Open three JR404 and use each to attach the strands to the holes on the other EB032. Close all jump rings once attached. Check every connection throughout the whole necklace to make sure every loops and jump ring is secure.

To Finish.
9) Open the last two JR404. Use one to attach CN822 to one of the EB032. Use the other JR404 to attach SR262 to the other EB032. Close both jump rings.

** When storing this necklace, try to lay it out flat. It will help to keep the three strands from tangling up in one another **
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