Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

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1) Take the 28" length of cording and close an End Connector over each of the ends. Make a Lark's Head knot with the cording around the large ring (preferably around one of the holes in the ring). Open the large Jump Ring and slip it through the middle of the Lark's Head knot and the large ring. Before closing, attach the Fleur di Lis Charm.

2) Open the two smaller Jump Rings and use these to attach one half of the Hook and Eye clasp to each necklace half. Close these Jump Ring securely.

To Finish.

3) Take a Headpin and thread on a bicone. With your Chain and Round Nose pliers, make a wrapped loop with the remaining wire. Before you begin to wrap your loop, open it a little wide and slip it over the bottom of the large ring. Continue with your wrapped loop after doing so, and repeat this step with all of the remaining headpins and bicone crystals. Done.
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