Lindstrom RX7590 Round Nose Pliers

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  • Length: 5-¾ Inches
  • Jaws: ¾: Inch
  • Type: Round Nose
  • Brand: Lindstrom
Lindstrom's Rx Round Nose Pliers feature perfectly aligned jaws so precise you'll wonder how you ever got along without them! These round nose pliers have larger, ergonomic cushion grip handles that fit comfortably in any size hand. Because these round nose pliers are so well made, you'll be able to work faster with better results. And with the Lindstrom brand name, you'll know you have the very best.

Overall length: 5-3/4"
Jaws: 3/4"

Lindstrom Rx Series Pliers The very best in cutters and pliers for jewelry making, Lindstrom Rx series use a state-of-the-art hand tool design for better function and performance. These exclusive Micro-Touch handles make it possible for complete hand control for precision work, while the specialty spring reduces tension during work which lowers fatigue and makes work easier and safer. The tension and opening width can also be adjusted to suit so that the pliers and cutters fit to your hand.

Lindstrom Precision Tools for Jewelry Making
Lindstrom Jewelry Pliers
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