L & G Rolex Case Opener with Holder and Base

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  • Height: 7 inches
  • Brand: L&G
  • _HIDE_KEY_1: Ideal for opening Rolex watch cases
  • _HIDE_KEY_2: Adjustable case holder makes work fast and convenient
  • _HIDE_KEY_3: Made in the USA
The best Rolex case opener has just been improved with the addition of a case holder with nylon covered pins. No longer a need for a cloth between the opener and precious watch case, this new and improved case holder simply slips into the groove in the base of the opener. The case holder is made of aluminum and the watch may be inserted in to the holder then put into the wrench to be removed.This L&G Watch Case Opener is specifically designed to open and close most Rolex watch cases quickly and easily. Six individually sized dies, with "serrated teeth", match perfectly to the backs of all sizes of most Rolex watches, making it easy to open the watch case without scratching or marring the watch. It also works great for opening any other screw back style watch case, when combined with our Case Opener WA628. Features a flat Base and Case Holder. Includes instructions and 6 rings.
Ring sizes:
Case Holder
Flat Base
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