Hemp Bracelet

Hemp Bracelet

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Quantity of Items Needed
Jewel Beading Loom
Hemp Cord
Flush Cutters

Let's Begin

Attach hemp to loom

Attach hemp cord to back button closest to your torso on the loom

Tie hemp cord knot firmly

Tie first knot firmly so knot if facing grooves closest to you

Tie second and third knots

Tie second and third knots firmly

Bring hemp towards your body

Bring the hemp cord towards your body and lay it on top of the groove closest to the left side, approximately 6 grooves in.

Turn Loom over

Turn the loom over and bring the cord over the top and to the bottom grooves, matching up groove count as best as possible

Wrap cord around back button

Turn the loom over and wrap your cord around the back button and up towards the grooves, skipping two grooves

Attach hemp to loom

Bring cord up and over and back to the top of the loom.

Tie hemp cord knot firmly

Bring cord back around the back button

Laying cord on top of grooves in loom

Skip two grooves and lay the cord on top of the grooves

Creating warp threads on a loom

Continue to warp threads following the previous steps

Wrapping warp cords around a loom

Wrapping around the back button, until you have four warps

Cutting excess thread on a loom

Wrap excess cord around the back button twice, and trim the cord leaving a 6 inch long tail

Tie off cords around loom button

Thread cord under the warps, and bring it back through the loop

Tie hemp cord knot firmly

Pull the cord tight. Make a second knot. Make a third knot. Carefully remove rod from loom to add tension to the warps.

Starting a weave on a thread loom

Cut a piece of cord 24 inches long and begin weaving by going under the first warp from the left side.

Weaving under a warp thread

Continue by going over the second warp, under the third warp and over the fourth warp.

Threading hemp cord through warp threads

Continue until you are all the way over.

Pulling hemp cord through warp

Pull the cord all the way through until you have a tail approximately 4 inches long.

Beginning to warp under a thread

Bring cord under the last warp on right and being to weave back towards the left side.

Threading over a warp thread

Weave over the second right warp.

Threading under a warp thread

Then under the third right warp.

Beginning to weave hemp cord

And over the fourth warp until you are once again back on the left side of the warps.

Completed section of weaved hemp cord

Continue to weave from left to right under desired length until the current color is complete

Trim excess hemp cord

To start a new color, trim the current color of cord to 4 inches

Tie knots to secure your cord

ecure tails to the warp by tieing one or two knots. Make sure the knots are tight.

Cut tails of hemp cord

Trim the tails

Weaving hemp cord

Ass a second color of cord by following the previous instructions

Weaved sections of hemp cord

Weave until you reach the desired length

Cut cords to remove the bracelet

Trim cord and tie it to the warp. You now have two completed sections and can continue weaving until the desired length is reach. Remove the bracelet by turning the loom over and cutting the cords.

Completed Hemp Bracelet

Your Weaved Hemp Bracelet is complete

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