Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace

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1) Thread the bali headpin through the hole in the heart.

2) Bend the head pin straight up 90 degrees and then make another bend of 45 degrees approximately a half of an inch (or more) from the first bend angling the headpin down towards the decorative end of the headpin thereby creating a V shape.

3) Bend the wire to the head pin down and around the decorative part of the head pin wrapping it around as close to the base of the headpin as you can get. Form a simple loop and cut.

4) After making your cut use a pair of chain nose pliers and gently squeeze the end of the wire you just cut against the straight portion of the headpin so that is does not stick out.

5) Attach the twisted rope through the loop that you made with the headpin to complete.

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Head Pin - Bali Style 2" 20 gauge Sterling Silver (HP251)
1 Twisted Cord Necklace 4mm Black 18" (TC1000)
1 Swarovski Heart Pendant 6228 18mm Crystal Bermuda Blue (HR3005)

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