Handmade Beaded Patriotic American Flag Bracelet

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  • Length: 7 Inch
  • Type: Handmade
  • Material: 11/0 Glass Seed Beads
  • Style: Bracelet
  • Type: Handmade

Length: 6-1/2" - 7-1/2"

Handmade, intricate bracelet, artisan crafted by indigenous Mayan women from six villages throughout Guatemala - these wonderfully Patriotic bracelets are the best way to show off during the upcoming election season!

Hand crafted by approximately 200 indigenous Mayan women for over 30 years, every purchase helps sustain a self-sufficient lifestyle for their families.

Villages include Quiche, Tzutujil, and the Cachiquel Indians of the Central Highlands of Guatemala.

These artisan bracelets are crafted with real Czech Glass Seed Beads, and are made entirely by hand.

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