Golden Ring Necklace

Golden Ring Necklace

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1) Take the two 20" lengths of Leather Cord (LC2125) and bend each in half. Make a Lark's Head Knot with each of the lengths of leather cord around the Cosmic Ring (CS3010). The knots will move around the Ring as you're creating the necklace, don't worry. Take two lengths of approx. 5" of Gold Filled Wire (GR122) and with your Bent Nose Pliers (PL351), wrap the two ends of each of the 20" lengths of leather cord together about 1/4" from the end. Put the same number of wraps on each of the two lengths of cord to be consistent. Trim off any excess wire with your Heavy Duty Cutters (PL499).

2) Take one of the wrapped leather cords and look at the end. You should have the two cords on that half of the necklace wrapped together, side by side. There should also be two lengths of leather about 1/4" long sticking out of your wire wrapping at the very end. Now, with your Heavy Duty Cutters (PL499) trim only ONE of the 1/4" ends of leather so that it's flush with the end of your wire wrap for that side. Slip one of the Spring End Cords (CN314) over the lon 1/4" of leather left on that end. With your Chain Nose Pliers (or even your Bent Nose Pliers) flatten the very last coil on the Spring End around the leather cord. Repeat this entire step for the other wrapped length of leather cord.

3) Taking your Chain Nose pliers and Round Nose Pliers, slightly open the coil sticking up and out on each of the attached Spring End Cords. Attach one half of the Toggle Clasp (TC921)to either of these open Spring End Cords. Close the coil the same way you opened it.

4) With the remaining 8" length of Leather Cord, make another Lark's Head Knot, but put it between the two other Lark's Head Knots on the Cosmic Ring. You can make the two cords the same length, or make one length shorter than the other.

To Finish.
5) With approx. 8 - 9" of Gold Filled Wire (GR122), begin to wrap around the ends of the leather cords about 1/2" from the end and stopping about 1/8" from the end of the length. DON'T cut the remaining wires off as this will be used to make a wrapped loop very shortly.

6) Taking your Cutters (PL499), trim off the leather cords so that it's flush with the wire wrapping on each end of leather cord. Slip one Gold Filled Twisted Bead (BD2034) over each of the wrapped wire tails. Make a wrapped loop with the remaining wire, making sure to attach one of the Gold Colored Charms (CM092, CM096) to each length of leather cord before closing the loops. Wrap the loop all the way up to the base of the Gold Filled Twisted Beads. Use your cutters to cut any excess wire and bend any wire tails into their wraps with your Bent Nose Pliers (PL351). Congrats!
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