Glimmering Snowflakes Earring Project

Glimmering Snowflakes Earring Project

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Quantity of Items Needed

2 Swarovski Bicone 5328 4mm Crystal AB (AC4001)
2 Snowflake 16x15mm Charm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (CM297)
1 Mini E6000 Glue .18oz. (GL118)
2 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flat Back 2058 4mm Crystal AB (RF4001)
2 French Hook Wire With Bead & Spring Surgical Steel (SH201)
2" Round Wire 20ga Half-Hard Sterling Silver (SR420)


1) Take one of the 1" sections of Sterling Silver Wire and with your Chain Nose and Round Nose Pliers, make a simple loop on the end of one side of the wire. Thread on one Crystal AB bicone onto the wire, and begin to make a simple loop with the other end of the length of wire. Don't close the loop completely yet.

2) Slide on the connector loop of the Ear Wire to the almost closed simple loop on the length of Sterling Silver Wire. Close this simple loop completely now. Go back to the initial simple loop that you created on the length of wire. Open the loop off to the side, and then attach the Snowflake Charm to this loop, and then close the loop again.

3) With your tweezers, pick up one of the Crystal AB Flatbacks. Sqeeze a very small amount of glue onto the center of the Snowflake Charm. (If you need to use a piece of paper and a toothpick to have more control applying the glue, you can do that too.) Position the flatback right over the glue and allow to dry completely until picking up to wear. (This can be upwards of 12 hours depending upon humidity, the amount of glue - which should be only a very small amount)

To Finish.
4) Repeat all steps to create the other earring. Welcome the snow!!
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